Saturday, May 28, 2011

New Release

The Siorai Legacy, Book I
Echoes of Darkness

An immortal warrior she should fear, but can’t deny... Clairvoyant Elizabeth Forrester seeks refuge from the spirits that frequent her morgue. When a handsome corpse awakens in the midst of his autopsy, running is the last thing on her mind. Thrust into a sensual new world, she yearns for the magic of his touch. 

An innocent woman he can never possess, but can’t refuse...
Cursed to an eternity of darkness, Fallon O’Callaghan is a warrior by nature, an outcast by choice. For 500 years, he has striven to atone for the one mistake he can never forget. When a beautiful psychic shatters the barriers around his heart, her face haunts him as much as his past.

But when an ancient evil threatens to destroy the world...
Bonded by blood and their new-found love, they are drawn into a world of darkness. Can they defeat their personal demons in time to save humanity?


His lips traveled from hers, leaving her mouth burning with fire. Trailing across her cheek, he stopped at her ear where he suckled the tender lobe. She felt his uneven breathing on her cheek before his lips traveled to nuzzle her neck.

Blood pounded in her brain and leapt to her heart. Her knees quivered.

She gasped at the sudden sharp pain that flared in her neck. Strangely stimulated by the act, electricity flowed through her veins.

She took pleasure in his touch until a stream of moisture trickled down her neck.

What the…?

Opening her eyes, she came back to reality, an even more terrifying realization washing over her.

Oh god. Did he just bite her? Was that blood?

Liz brought her hands up to his chest. It took everything she possessed, mentally and physically, to push him away.

She looked at his face, horrified to see slivers of blood, her blood, trickle from the corners of his mouth. His tongue licked the remnant traces of fluid from his lips, and she shivered.

His lips curved in a half-hearted smile, not the kind she anticipated. Where she expected to see a smirk of possession, she saw an awkward, more of an “oops” type of grin, and she recognized an imperceptible note of pleading in his eyes.

“Who are you?” she whispered, catching her lower lip between her teeth. “What are you?”